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Welcome to Climate Conversations!

Welcome to Climate Conversations, which we hope will be a valued communications initiative on topics & developments relevant to the HVAC&R industry. The name is broad but says it all.

Climate — probably the first thought that the word brings to mind is environmental, and frankly we are all stewards of our environment at some level. Global warming concerns have driven different parts of the industry to set various sustainability goals and evaluate the options to meet them. So environment is definitely a part of the conversation.  So is refrigerants.  And technology. And best practices.  We’ll cover a range of comfort, freezing & cooling topics here.

Conversations — definitionally a two-way discussion.  An informal interchange of thoughts.  We hope you feel the freedom to “converse” by adding your contribution.

Climate Conversations will focus on topics and technologies that improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment – our long-standing motto.

We will provide an avenue for both the industry experts at Emerson Climate, external authors & contributors, and the readers of this blog to offer varying opinions and new information. If all goes well, Climate Conversations will become as much your blog as ours.

So let’s get started!

Rajan Rajendran, Ph.D.
Vice President, Engineering Services and Sustainability
Emerson Climate Technologies

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