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Cleaning Up After Hurricane Sandy

It’s been one month since Hurricane Sandy roared across the northeastern edge of the United States wreaking havoc and, of concern to the HVACR industry, knocking countless air conditioning and refrigeration systems out of operation.

Emerson Climate Technologies recently released its position on flood damaged Copeland™ brand products to our wholesalers and contractors in order to aid them in the clean-up and rebuilding process. We’re recommending any flood-affected products be replaced as they could be a safety hazard or cause system reliability issues. While not under the best of circumstances, this does give the contractor the opportunity to upgrade older equipment to energy efficient systems that lower energy costs.

We at Emerson are looking to our wholesaler and contractor channels to let us know what equipment they’ll need to complete clean-up and rebuild projects over the coming weeks. As a call to action, Emerson Climate would like to receive feedback on model types, voltages, and applications to help us prepare our manufacturing plants to meet the needs of our customers. We’ll communicate this information through our channels to help support the work that is being done to get those systems up and running.

Karla Leskovsky
Social Marketing Manager
Emerson Climate Technologies

Don’t Let Your Retail Business Get a Flat Tire

Does your car tell you when it’s time for an oil change or if tire pressure is low? Armed with this information, you don’t wait for a major auto “failure” before you act—you use condition based maintenance.

It’s the same for your retail business. Wouldn’t you rather do maintenance based on equipment condition before it deteriorates to the point where it may fail if not serviced?

Condition Based Maintenance can answer questions like
•    Which of my refrigeration systems are operating improperly or inefficiently?
•    Which of my refrigeration systems are leaking refrigerant?
•    How can I implement a better preventative maintenance scheme or optimize maintenance dispatches?
•    Where should I focus my maintenance budget?

The best news about Condition Based Maintenance is that many retailers already have most of the equipment needed installed already. Products like Emerson E2 controllers, Copeland Scroll™ compressors with CoreSense Diagnostics™, temperature and pressure sensors are increasingly being installed as standard equipment in many retail operations today.

Connecting our Condition Based Maintenance software and service architecture is the final step many retailers need to take to ensure they are safely driving their business.

For more information about Condition Based Maintenance, view my presentation from Emerson’s Technology in Action Conference.

Jim Mitchell
Product Manager, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

Commercial Building Energy Specifications

The DOE and CBEA have some useful technology specifications out, and many more in the works.  The concept is similar to ENERGY STAR – the equipment buyer now has a guide to the most energy efficient equipment.  Besides listing products that meet the specification, they also list available incentives for the end user.  If you are a commercial or retail operator or manager, check out the work that the CBEA is doing around commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.   The list of retailers participating in the program is impressive.  The working group for refrigeration is involved in many of the same activities that we are – new refrigeration systems and components, including display cases, coolers and freezers, compressor systems, and controls.  If you are involved in selection or specification of equipment, do you find these specifications useful?  Are you searching for the most energy efficient equipment?  Let us know.

For more information on the CBEA:

Rajan Rajendran, Ph.D
Vice President, Engineering Services and Sustainability
Emerson Climate Technologies

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