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Commercial Building Energy Specifications

The DOE and CBEA have some useful technology specifications out, and many more in the works.  The concept is similar to ENERGY STAR – the equipment buyer now has a guide to the most energy efficient equipment.  Besides listing products that meet the specification, they also list available incentives for the end user.  If you are a commercial or retail operator or manager, check out the work that the CBEA is doing around commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.   The list of retailers participating in the program is impressive.  The working group for refrigeration is involved in many of the same activities that we are – new refrigeration systems and components, including display cases, coolers and freezers, compressor systems, and controls.  If you are involved in selection or specification of equipment, do you find these specifications useful?  Are you searching for the most energy efficient equipment?  Let us know.

For more information on the CBEA:

Rajan Rajendran, Ph.D
Vice President, Engineering Services and Sustainability
Emerson Climate Technologies

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  1. refrigerationguy #

    CBEA just published a really good guide on retrofitting open refrigerated display cases with doors. Lots of energy to be saved, and it doesn’t hurt the merchandizing effort like many retailers feared it would. Just remember that the refrigeration load will drop significantly after adding those doors, so make sure that the existing refrigeration system can modulate to adjust to the lower load at all outdoor ambient conditions. And don’t forget to use controls on the anti-condensate (anti-sweat) door heaters so you don’t use any more energy than necessary.

    The 33-page PDF can be downloaded from:

    January 2, 2013

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