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Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium on June 12

The Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium (MUFES) is a premier event with an advanced technology curriculum and a networking-friendly environment. I will present Refrigeration’s Shifting Technologies at the symposium in Austin, Texas on June 12 from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. During my presentation, I will discuss the recent advances in refrigeration system components, the changing landscape in energy consumption and the coming generation of new refrigerants.

Emerson works closely with hundreds of manufacturers of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.  Driven by energy regulations and guidelines such as ENERGY STAR, this equipment continually evolves to become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Within the commercial sector, foodservice has the highest energy use per square foot, due largely to the need for commercial refrigerators and freezers.  All of this equipment – ice machines, refrigerators, walk-in coolers and rooftop air conditioners – benefits from recent compressor innovations, new refrigerants, and improvements in system efficiency.

Stay tuned to this blog, and I will follow-up after this event with things that I have learned.

Craig Raney
Director of Marketing, Refrigeration
Emerson Climate Technologies

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