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Technology in Action: Advanced Condition Based Maintenance

This is the third in a series of posts on key presentations from Emerson’s 2013 Technology in Action Conference.

What is condition based maintenance? In a 2013 Technology in Action Conference (TAC) session, Jim Mitchell, Retail Solutions product manager, discusses this Emerson service, which is similar to predictive maintenance and consists of performing maintenance based on the condition of equipment.

Service Engine Soon_TAC Post 3

One of our earlier posts discusses the basics of condition based maintenance, including the questions it can answer for your retail business. Jim gave TAC attendees an overview of this service, in which he often describes as similar to the diagnostics systems in cars today, which alert us when it is time for an oil change or to replace an air filter.

Emerson conducted field testing on its condition based maintenance service and Jim shared some of the results with TAC attendees. We found that with our slow leak algorithm, we were able to detect about 50 percent of preventable leaks.

To learn more about condition based maintenance, see Jim in this video about his session and view his full presentation on the TAC website.

What are your biggest maintenance concerns?

Reggie O’Donoghue
Director of Marketing, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

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