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Update on Energy Regulations

Constant changes to energy regulations result in increasing efficiency levels.  For example, today’s allowable federal minimum energy efficiency level for reach-in refrigerators and freezers is actually the same as the voluntary standards set by ENERGY STAR in 2001.  The 2010 ENERGY STAR 2.0 standards were base lined to capture the top 25 percent of energy performers. Since 2011, the EPA requires third party lab testing for the ENERGY STAR program.

The EPA recently points out that nearly 65% of commercial refrigerators and freezers are ENERGY STAR approved, so it is once again time to baseline the top 25% and revise the specification.  Version 3.0 specification becomes effective sometime in 2014.

The constant changes to energy and environmental standards present challenges for refrigeration equipment manufacturers.  Read more about these and other useful information by clicking on the link below for the Emerson white paper “Status of energy regulations for commercial refrigeration equipment”:

Craig Raney
Director of Marketing, Refrigeration
Emerson Climate Technologies

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