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Making Sense Webinar Series: Addressing the Most Critical Issues in HVACR

HVACR professionals are inundated with rapid progress currently taking place throughout the industry, including: tightening regulations; technological advances; and improvements to equipment and systems. Around the globe, regional regulations are shaping the discussion and influencing refrigerant choices. Technologies that deliver improved HVACR performance efficiencies and reduced carbon footprints are slowly being phased in. With the state of the industry in transition,  it’s no wonder refrigeration professionals are having trouble staying informed.  That’s why Emerson Climate Technologies is introducing a free webinar series to help you MAKE SENSE of it all.

The webinar series will address the promising role of new refrigerants, advancements in energy reduction technologies, and opportunities to improve operational visibility. Register now and keep an eye out for specific topics on each subject as this important series progresses.

Topic One: The Promising Role of New Refrigerants in Refrigeration Equipment

There is a lot of talk about natural refrigerants and other low GWP refrigerants entering the refrigeration market.  Emerson Climate Technologies is on the forefront of this movement, researching and developing systems that are sustainable and energy efficient.

Topic Two: Innovations in Energy-reduction Technologies

The refrigeration industry is ushering in a new era of system and equipment optimization. From the utilization of digital modulation and electronic expansion valves to the applications of scroll and variable speed technologies, improvements in equipment and systems technologies promise tremendous benefits to refrigeration applications.

Topic Three: Improving Operational Visibility

We’ll introduce the latest innovations in refrigeration system electronics and discuss their potential to improve operational visibility. You’ll learn how to utilize enterprise-level electronics data, and discover how compressor electronics in refrigeration systems can provide advanced diagnostics, protection and communications capabilities.

Learn more about how we’re helping the industry MAKE SENSE of the issues that matter most, and register now by visiting our website at

Craig Raney
Director of Marketing, Refrigeration
Emerson Climate Technologies

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