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Top 10 Benefits of Compressor Electronics

In a recent article in The ACHR News Matthew Neidlinger reviewed the multiple benefits that contractors and wholesalers can get from compressor electronics. An excerpt is below, along with a list of the Top 10 Benefits of Compressor Electronics.

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“By sensing, monitoring, and interpreting electrical and mechanical information, compressor electronics allow contractors to monitor the HVACR system on an ongoing basis. The detailed compressor and system information it delivers enables quick and accurate identification of performance issues for greater reliability and cost savings, providing freedom to refocus time and money on other priorities.

Compressor electronics gathers key operating parameters including:

  • Current signature of the compressor;
  • Compressor operating and protector behavior; and
  • Demand, temperature, and operating time.

This information is then interpreted by unique software algorithms that are rooted in many years of compressor testing, teardown, and operating experience. These software algorithms use the information to identify:

  • Conditions leading to out of the envelope compressor operation;
  • System faults and electrical issues; and
  • Escalating patterns leading to catastrophic faults.”

Top 10 Benefits of Compressor Electronics

  1. Improved troubleshooting and reduced callbacks.
  2. Remote troubleshooting.
  3. Early detection or warning can prevent compressor failure.
  4. Minimize product loss.
  5. Prevent equipment damage.
  6. Improved uptime.
  7. Data collection, run time, and fault history.
  8. Verify refrigerant charge and proper installation.
  9. Active protection drives a reduction in warranty claim costs.
  10. Communication to building automation system.

Karla Leskovsky
Social Marketing Manager
Emerson Climate Technologies

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