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Three Making Sense Webinars Down; More To Come

Over the past three months, our team at Emerson Climate Technologies has been working hard to help you MAKE SENSE of recent transitions in the refrigeration industry. This first set of three webinars addressed critical issues associated with the promising role of new refrigerants, advancements in energy reduction technologies, and opportunities to improve operation visibility.

Back in July, Dr. Rajan Rajendran and Autumn Nicholson presented the Mid-Point vs. Dew Point webinar which focused on the basics of refrigerant blends and “glide”. They also covered how refrigerant glide affects system components and the proper maintenance of systems using refrigerants with glide.

Last month, Mike Saunders, Mitch Knapke, and Andre Patenaude discussed the Implementation of Low Condensing Refrigeration. They discussed the beneficial aspects of low condensing as well as challenges associated with its implementation. This webinar finished off with a look into several interesting case studies, like the application of low condensing in the apple storage project.

Kurt Knapke rounded out the finale of our first set with his discussion on Using Compressor Electronics Data. He covered ideas on how to effectively use compressor electronics data to analyze system operations. We learned that simple data analytics can help identify opportunities to enhance your HVACR equipment performance.

If you missed the chance to watch these webinars live, they are available on demand at  Stay tuned for the next set of our Making Sense Webinar Series.

Craig Raney
Director of Marketing, Refrigeration
Emerson Climate Technologies

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