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Making Sense of Energy-Reduction Technologies — New Webinar Explores Case Controls and Electronic Expansion Valves

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting the next installment of our Making Sense webinar series on November 19 at 2 p.m. EST. It gives me a chance demonstrate how case controls and electronic expansion (EX) valve technologies can be used to shift control from the rack to the case and, in turn, reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Today, many retail refrigeration operators deploy systems that are based on traditional system configurations. Despite advances in technology, the status quo is to enable control of refrigeration cases through the electrical panel and/or refrigeration room (or rack house). This centralized method has been adopted in large part as the industry standard, even though it gives operators limited control of their refrigeration system as a whole. What many operators do not realize is that case controls and electronic expansion (EX) valves represent more modern, viable options — allowing operators to exercise more precise system control at the case level, thereby achieving substantial improvements in performance, energy efficiency and system flexibility.

By using case controls and EX valves to enable control at the case level, modern retail refrigeration systems have the flexibility to dictate automated superheat control on a case-by-case basis. And, it’s a fresh alternative that offers many short- and long-term advantages over traditional rack house controls, from simplified installation and faster startup sequences to lower condensing pressures, reduced maintenance costs and long-term, energy-saving opportunities.

I’ll explore all these concepts and more in the webinar, including:

  • Background information on case controls and EX valves
  • The economics of different control methods
  • The many benefits of EX valve controls
  • How to use case controls and EX valves to achieve energy savings and maintenance improvements

So join me on November 19 at 2 p.m. EST for this free webinar and learn more about the case for case controls and EX valves. It’s yet another way we’re helping the refrigeration industry MAKE SENSE of the issues that matter most. Register now by visiting our website at

John Wallace
Director of Product Management, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

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