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Making Sense Webinar Wrap-Up: Improving Refrigerated Marine Container Management with Pervasive Connectivity

The journey of a marine refrigerated (reefer) container from the producer to the consumer is fraught with many challenges. When you consider all the transit trials these containers are presented with, maintaining a consistent setpoint of -40 °C to +30 °C throughout the transport process is no small task. From high ambient temperatures and extreme environments to excessive handling due to a variety of logistic delays and intermodal shifts, there are many factors that can place container contents in jeopardy. Some shipping companies rely on pervasive connectivity to their container fleets to monitor perishable cargos throughout the process and troubleshoot issues along the way.

In our most recent Making Sense webinar installment, I discussed Emerson Climate Technologies’ approach to reefer container management through pervasive connectivity. Beyond the shipper’s goal to improve profit margins, there are many trends driving the growing adoption of on-board diagnostic systems, including: regulatory governance of perishables; continued focus on improving energy consumption; expansion of global systems for mobile communications (GSM); and ever-increasing consumer expectations. All of these factors make pervasive connectivity a sound investment for shipping companies that want to stay competitive.

I also discussed the many advantages of deploying pervasive connectivity on reefer containers, and how such solutions allows the shipper to monitor key transit activities in specific geographic zones, such as: route verification, confirmation of final delivery, and automated, on-site notifications to alert handlers and minimize delays. Advanced diagnostic capabilities give shipping company administrators a window into reefer container conditions. Everything from g-force detection and setpoint temperature deviations to prolonged “off” periods are visible to the administrators through advanced event handling and alert notifications.

With the many benefits that on-board, pervasive connectivity provides, the reasons for adopting this technology to improve shipping line operational efficiency are obvious. Reduced energy costs, maintenance, incident claims and handling costs combined with increased revenue and precise container utilization create a strong business case for adoption.

To listen to an archived recording of this webinar and learn more about pervasive connectivity on reefer containers, please visit our Making Sense website, where we make sense of the issues that matter most in commercial refrigeration today.

Robert Svensson
Marketing Manager
Emerson Climate Technologies, Transportation Solutions

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