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Introducing E360…

We’re taking a 360-degree view of the issues impacting commercial refrigeration and air conditioning

Emerson Climate Technologies is pleased to introduce E360, an informative platform we’ve conceived to create a meaningful refrigeration and A/C industry dialogue and help our customers address the many challenges facing them today. From ever-changing regulatory requirements and environmental standards to operating cost pressures and the evolution of refrigerant technologies, E360 will evaluate every angle that impacts system design in supermarkets, foodservice outlets and convenience stores.

Looking at commercial refrigeration from every angle requires balancing all facets of system design and awareness of primary market drivers:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental protection
  • Equipment reliability and safety
  • Economic considerations

E360 will take a holistic view to keep you informed and help you make the most educated design decisions for your operation.

Broaden Your Perspective With Our Quarterly Publication, E360 Outlook

We designed E360 to give you multiple ways to access information, interact with refrigeration industry experts and contribute to a broader discussion. One of the pillars of this new platform is E360 Outlook, a quarterly publication that provides a wide range of industry perspectives intended to inform and educate. Between its pages, you’ll find extensive information on the latest trends, technologies and regulatory developments via the magazine’s various columns, application stories and articles.

In our first issue of E360 Outlook, we took a penetrating look at the refrigerant landscape. Global phase-downs (and even bans) of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants are part of an increasing effort to lower the global warming potential (GWP) in refrigeration systems. Two recent regulatory motions are bringing refrigerants to the forefront:

  • The European Union’s passing of F-Gas regulations in April
  • The EPA’s recent significant new alternatives policy (SNAP) that proposes delisting several commonly used HFCs

Emerson’s renowned expert on refrigerants, Dr. Rajan Rajendran, addressed the implications of the SNAP proposal in his column. To read Rajan’s column and the inaugural edition of E360 Outlook in its entirety, click here.

In addition to our new publication, we’re excited to bring the E360 conversation to you through our interactive E360 Forums. These quarterly, daylong events will be held in strategic locations across the country and feature prominent refrigeration industry authorities as well as Emerson’s own internal experts. Our first E360 Forum will be held November 13 in Columbus, Ohio. For more information about E360, please visit our website:

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