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Multiplex Refrigeration Systems Can Help Meet Energy Regulations


In the past, multiplex systems have struggled to gain momentum in the refrigeration industry, due to their higher initial cost. But with the Department of Energy tightening their regulations on minimum efficiency levels and concerns over refrigerant leakages increasing, the business case for these systems is quickly turning.

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Getting Comfortable with Designer Air

Four Things You Need to Know About Modulation Technologies

Getting Comfortable with Designer Air, a brand new webinar series on how modulation technologies are enabling enhanced comfort and improved efficiency in homes and businesses around the U.S.  This webinar series is designed specifically for air conditioning contractors and facility managers to become more informed on the latest information about compressor modulation and the role it plays in enabling ‘Designer Air’.

Designer Air

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MAKING SENSE of the Technology Used to Meet Future DOE Energy Regulations


Whether you’re an OEM, wholesaler, contractor, design consultant or end user, you’ve probably become increasingly aware of the of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) new minimum energy efficiency regulations in the commercial refrigeration industry. Although the effective dates for the DOE’s rulings are not until 2017 and 2018, many OEMs have proactively been preparing to improve the efficiency of their refrigeration equipment.

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The Changing Convenience Store Landscape

convenience store

The retail industry is rapidly evolving. Convenience stores need to adapt their strategy, expanding their product mix to appeal to today’s busy consumers who want fresh, ready-to-eat meal solutions faster.

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Compressed Timetable for Regulatory Compliance Puts Pressure on Equipment Supply Chain


For the commercial refrigeration equipment supply chain, 2014 was defined by increasing environmental regulations in the U.S. While the Department of Energy (DOE) has mandated significant reductions in energy consumption by 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency is calling for the phase-out of commonly used refrigerants by 2016. As a result, the primary challenge facing the industry in 2015 is preparing for compliance.

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