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Getting Comfortable with Designer Air

Modulation Technologies: Designing Great Commercial Atmospheres

Getting Comfortable with Designer Air, a new webinar series on how modulation technologies are enabling enhanced comfort and improved efficiency in homes and businesses around the U.S.  This webinar series is designed specifically for air conditioning contractors and facility managers to become more informed on the latest information about compressor modulation and the role it plays in enabling ‘Designer Air’.

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In the next installment of Getting Comfortable with Designer Air webinar series, Bart Powelson, Director of Commercial Air Conditioning Marketing, and Jacob Groshek, Director Global Commercial Scroll Engineering discuss “Modulation Technologies: Designing Great Commercial Atmospheres.”

The lighting and décor need to be perfect.  Why not the air? This webinar is designed to give a deeper dive into how modulation technologies, ranging from multiple fixed capacity compressors to variable speed scrolls, can help every commercial space meet their desired objectives in achieving the perfect atmosphere.  Take this opportunity to expand your knowledge with our experts to discuss the benefits of capacity modulation technologies.

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