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E360 Webinar Discusses the EPA’s Final Refrigerant Ruling

What’s Next, and How Will It Affect Your Business?

Dr. Rajan Rajendran, V.P. of System Innovation Center and Sustainability at Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. recently presented an E360 Webinar that addressed the details of the EPA’s final refrigerant delisting ruling. With more than 500 industry participants in attendance, the 14th Webinar in Emerson’s E360 Webinar series explored the final rule’s short- and long-term impacts on the commercial refrigeration industry. As a nationally recognized expert in refrigerants, Rajan began by demonstrating the global trend toward lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants — particularly noting the European Union’s target of phasing down to sub-150 GWP refrigerants in commercial refrigeration applications by 2022.E360 Webinar EPAs Final Refrigerant Ruling Read more

E360 Forum Session Videos: See How We’re Balancing All Facets of HVACR

The refrigeration and A/C industries are experiencing an unprecedented convergence of regulatory forces and market dynamics. This perfect storm is prompting food retailers and foodservice operators to rethink long-held preconceptions, adapt to changing consumer preferences, and prepare to comply with ever-tightening EPA and DOE rulings.

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iPro’s Nimble Programming Pushes System Functionality to New Limits

It’s one thing to expect reliable equipment performance; it’s another thing entirely to have extended, custom functionality that covers a range of advanced capabilities. Yet, this functionality is exactly what many end users desperately seek on a regular basis from their equipment, whether for refrigerant pressure control, ensuring supermarket energy reduction, or any one of a number of other unique requirements.

Enter iPro, a multifaceted electronics platform.

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Convenience Store Chain Enhances Environment and Experience With Electronic Improvements

Throughout northeast Georgia, the Golden Pantry convenience store chain is known for its warm Southern hospitality and simple charm. While this charm can often be equated with a lack of technology and even inefficiencies, for the Golden Pantry, this isn’t the case. In fact, part of their well-earned reputation for reliable convenience is due to their focus on reducing energy consumption and improving operational efficiencies.


When the chain was presented with the latest electronic store control technology that could simultaneously address both these issues, they were intrigued.

Store management implemented a pilot program to test out the technology, which should have allowed them to manage the energy consumption of HVAC and refrigeration systems. The store optimization team upgraded the HVAC system in a single store with a network of new electronic thermostats that fed into an electronic site supervisory system. This monitored energy consumption and provided managers with operational insights. They also installed electronic thermostats and refrigeration controllers on the store’s four walk-in coolers.

With this new technology in place, management was able to lock out manual changes to thermostats and establish an HVAC temperature setpoint that helped maximize energy efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary strain. The supervisory system also let store managers:

  • Schedule defrost cycles
  • Utilize case temperatures to assist with defrost on/off
  • Create a two-degree temperature setback from midnight to 4 a.m.
  • Set up notifications when walk-in doors are left ajar

While the Golden Pantry’s management team initially hoped to meet a goal of a 36-month payback, they have since revised that time frame to just 18 months after seeing nearly 10 percent energy savings in the first year.

This blog is a summary of “Convenience Store Chain Strikes Gold and Saves Some Green” from the latest edition of Emerson Climate Technologies’ E360 Outlook. Read the story in its entirety and download the digital edition to learn how this technology detected a potentially catastrophic refrigeration system fault at the store just weeks after installation.

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