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iPro’s Nimble Programming Pushes System Functionality to New Limits

It’s one thing to expect reliable equipment performance; it’s another thing entirely to have extended, custom functionality that covers a range of advanced capabilities. Yet, this functionality is exactly what many end users desperately seek on a regular basis from their equipment, whether for refrigerant pressure control, ensuring supermarket energy reduction, or any one of a number of other unique requirements.

Enter iPro, a multifaceted electronics platform.

iPro gives users the ability to add complex functions to their systems — even late in the product development cycle, after the equipment’s core functionality has been fully engineered and tested. The control module can be embedded in a panel with ancillary hardware in coordination with the specific functionality defined by the software application. Combined with a series of leak sensors, for example, the iPro can help retail stores ensure there are no refrigerant leaks in any of their refrigerated zones.


Because application engineers store customer requests in a library that developers can access, the possibilities for uses are vast and continue to grow. Just some of the advanced scenarios include:

  • Rack controller
  • Case controller
  • Supermarket energy reduction
  • CO2 high-pressure controller
  • Rooftop compressor and fan controller

This blog is a summary of “iPro Extends Functionality of HVACR Equipment” from the latest edition of Emerson Climate Technologies’ E360 Outlook. Read the story in its entirety and download the digital edition to learn how this technology helped one retail giant monitor refrigerant leaks.

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