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Convenience Stores: Three Ways to Demonstrate Quality in a Pervasive Convenience Environment

What if convenience stores could build trust one experience at a time?

This is the second post in a six-part series that addresses the main business challenges convenience store operators face today.

Three Ways to Demonstrate Quality in a Pervasive Convenience Environment

In the previous post, we discussed the value for convenience stores in delivering one positive customer experience after another. Convenience stores are not only dealing with increased competition, but operators are challenged to change the customer perception of their food offerings. As various retailers offer more convenience by extending hours and placing high volume merchandise closer to the register, the struggle against the traditional viewpoint that convenience stores cannot offer fresh, high quality food only gets more difficult.

If operators increase the quality of their stores’ food offering, convenience stores can change customer expectations and create loyal consumers. To do so, they need to:

Close the food experience gap.

Many convenience stores are expanding into a crowded market where rivals have more experience. Close this gap quickly. Don’t leave it up to trial and error. Choose a partner with proven expertise in the food retail industry to tap into their wealth of experience and gain immediate traction to make progress toward building a trusted brand. Leverage this partner’s knowledge on the policies and procedures needed to offer the highest quality food in an optimum store environment.

With the help of an experienced partner, convenience stores can consistently meet higher standards for fresh, prepared foods and deliver a positive shopping experience worth talking about.

Build a reputation for quality food.

A spike in temperature within refrigeration cases can ruin food product, destroy inventory and result in lost sales or lost customers. With food storage controls, convenience stores can keep food cases in the right conditions at all times. Instead of reactively responding to refrigeration failures or emergencies, utilize refrigeration equipment monitoring to detect and address potential issues before they become a problem.

By investing in a comprehensive facility management system, like ecoSYS Site Supervisor, convenience stores will gain greater operational control and efficiency, remove the responsibility of food quality assurance from store employees, and strengthen your reputation for quality food through consistently positive customer experiences. While similar systems may provide HVAC and lighting control, few also incorporate refrigeration control like the ecoSYS platform.

Encourage customers to stay longer and spend more.

No customer wants to feel uncomfortable, or even unsafe, when shopping. They will not be inclined to purchase fresh foods if a store is overheated or dimly lit. One poor experience can negate all previous positive visits to that store, especially if there are other choices just down the street. Automate facility systems by using controls to consistently keep the store temperature and lighting at comfortable levels.

With remote monitoring of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting systems, potential issues can be identified and often resolved before they have the potential to disrupt a customer’s shopping experience, threaten repeat visits, and, even prevent some customers from walking in the door. In a comfortable store, customers will stay longer, and in turn, spend more. With a reputation for consistency and quality, convenience stores can — over time — turn shoppers into loyal, repeat customers.

How do you demonstrate quality and build trust in your customers?

Look for the next post in this series to learn about another key challenge convenience stores face.

John Atchley
National Account Executive, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

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  1. My husband and I love to shop in our neighborhood convenience store because it’s so close by. I appreciate you writing an article with information about how they meet higher standards for fresher foods. Thank you for providing such great information about convenience stores.

    April 17, 2019

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