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Technologies Homeowners are Ready to Invest in for Comfort

Getting Comfortable with Designer Air, a new webinar series on how modulation technologies are enabling enhanced comfort and improved efficiency in homes and businesses around the U.S. This webinar series is designed specifically for air conditioning contractors and facility managers to become more informed on the latest information about compressor modulation and the role it plays in enabling ‘Designer Air’.

Sept. 30th Webinar

In this third installment of the Getting Comfortable with Designer Air webinar series, join Jeff Christian, Energy Efficiency Specialist, and Brandy Powell, Vice President of Variable Speed as they discuss “Technologies Homeowners are Ready to Invest in for Comfort: Part 1”.

As homeowners begin to invest in enhancing the look of their home, they’re also ready to invest in an HVAC upgrade. Modulating Technologies offer both comfort and energy savings advantages, and the right application of these technologies can provide homeowners with the ultimate level of comfort. Throughout this webinar Jeff and Brandy will spotlight:

  • Differences between Modulation Technologies and how this will drive the market in the future
  • How do you handle explaining and approaching different AC Energy options with homeowners?
  • The Connected Home: What it means for the contractor, what it means for the homeowner
  • Technology Trends: Challenges and future technology

Tune in on September 30th from 2-3 p.m. EST, and learn from our experts about the benefits modulation technology offers to homeowners.

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