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Comfort – A key metric for homeowner satisfaction

I recently came across an article about comfort and was intrigued by the parallel’s it has to both my personal purchasing behaviors and my professional responsibilities.

We can all probably relate to purchase regret; a product that didn’t meet our expectations, a bad customer service call associated with a product, or simply learning of a friend that “got a better deal” as some examples of this regret.

The article expands on how it’s important to be an informed buyer in any major purchase decision; doing your research upfront, getting recommendations from friends or family, and in general proactively thinking about and considering what you are looking for in advance of your purchase.

When faced with choosing an HVAC system, research and planning helps the consumer ask insightful questions of the contractor, and likewise gives the contractor the opportunity to have a dialogue with the customer and really understand their needs.

The author talks about how his really satisfied customers thank his business for making them comfortable, not necessarily for saving them money on their energy bills, which is a typical side-benefit of improving the comfort of a conditioned space.

I hope that when you make your next significant purchase decision, whether HVAC related or not, that you will do your homework to ensure a regret-free purchase and one that makes you comfortable in more ways than one.

David Hules
Director of Marketing, Air Conditioning

Resources for your HVAC purchase decision:

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