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Progress Report: Sustainability, Energy Efficiency Commitments Met; New Goals Set

A short 18 months have passed since the EPA proposed its delisting rule regarding today’s refrigerants. At that time, members of Emerson Climate Technologies’ senior team attended a symposium at the White House to discuss ways to mitigate the negative impacts of HVACR technology on the environment. The meeting concluded with all parties pledging to take steps to reduce global warming, and we laid out Emerson’s specific plan to do just that. I am pleased to report that we have kept our promise.


As a company known for our proactivity and planning, we were already well down the path of formalizing many sustainability initiatives, and the specific commitments we made were aligned with those objectives. First, we committed to the construction of a global industry-accessible innovation center that would take on the biggest environmental and energy efficiency challenges affecting food retail, foodservice, commercial and residential buildings, and data centers. On December 17, 2015, the Helix Innovation Center opened on the University of Dayton campus, where we are beginning these pursuits toward a next generation of technologies.

Second, we committed to complete the development of several new products optimized for low-GWP refrigerants as well as expand upon our efficient and sustainable CO2, propane and ammonia product lines. I am happy to report that we successfully developed new compressors, controls and flow components in 2015, utilizing natural and low-GWP synthetic refrigerants that are viable replacements for traditional HFC applications. We also advanced our condensing units built around these class-leading core technologies, launching new products that enable significantly higher efficiencies while meeting refrigerant needs.

Our industry witnessed a whirlwind of regulatory activity in 2015, and these rulings are likely to continue throughout the near future. With the Helix Innovation Center open for business, it enhances our capability to collaborate with the entire value chain and respond to these requirements as they emerge. We’ve learned through the development of these products that as an industry of contractors, wholesalers, OEMs and consultants, we are all seeking to better understand how to apply and service new installations and manage the existing installed base of systems.

That is why we are even more committed to accelerating the E360 stewardship and exchange platform. To date, nearly 6,000 industry leaders and professionals have registered for these events. We are dedicated to hosting an objective forum — a place where ideas are presented and the challenges we face throughout the channel can be discussed and solved.

In October of 2015, the White House invited us to a follow-up meeting to report on our progress. While we were extremely pleased to present these accomplishments, we also pledged our ongoing commitment. It is our strong belief that environmental protection, global understanding of these sustainability measures and continued industry participation are all required to meet our shared challenges and objectives. Emerson Climate Technologies is dedicated to continuing its support for these efforts through our commitment to providing innovative products and ongoing industry stewardship.

Bob Sharp
Executive Vice President and Business Leader
Emerson Climate Technologies

This blog originally appeared in our recent edition of E360 Outlook. Click here to read the issue in its entirety.

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