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The Evolution of Predictive Protection – By Ben Picker

For years, the outdoor refrigeration condensing unit has been the workhorse of small- and large-format food retailers. It’s called upon to endure extreme climates and continuously support walk-in refrigerator and freezer operations.


With energy costs rising, corporate sustainability goals increasing, and embedded electronics and equipment technologies emerging, many food retailers are looking to add efficiency and eco-friendliness to their refrigeration checklist. The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (X-Line) is Emerson Climate Technologies’ answer to those questioning the long-term practicality and viability of their refrigeration technology.

Addressing this need in the market is not new to Emerson — X-Line units were introduced to North America back in 2008. The new, second generation X-Line (X-Line 2.0), builds upon the technology of the original models to offer best-in-class energy efficiency, uptime and flexibility, all while providing advanced diagnostics and protection from an integrated suite of electronic controls.

Unique Proactive Diagnostics

What is most unique about X-Line 2.0 compared to others in the industry is the comprehensive range of system protection it offers. Based on a fully integrated electronic control system that combines pressure, defrost, electronic valve, fan speed, diagnostics and communications controls into one modular control, X-Line 2.0 offers comprehensive control, protection and smart store technology that meets the demands of modern food retail requirements. Using our proven CoreSense technology for Copeland compressors, the unit’s controls and sensors are designed to provide both proactive and reactive protection.

Increase Efficiencies

X-Line 2.0 units utilize Copeland Scroll compressors that are compatible with the emerging class of newly approved, low-GWP refrigerants. The condenser’s sizing has been optimized as well, with large coils and integrated electronic controls. This design not only meets the DOE’s annual walk-in efficiency factor (AWEF) standards, it also provides 15–20 percent energy efficiency ratio improvements for every 10 °F drop in head pressure. At test sites, users are saving 20 percent on average in energy costs with X-Line 2.0 units compared to other units. See our energy savings calculator here:

Maximize Uptime

X-Line’s electronic controls provide the advanced diagnostics and complete system protection to prevent catastrophic compressor failures and accelerate the repair process. X-Line’s diagnostics and communication capabilities further enable advanced warnings and improved uptime. By connecting the unit to a site supervisory control — such as an E2 or ecoSYS Site Supervisor available from Emerson, or other controls available from third parties — system issues can be identified and scheduled for repairs before leading to a system failure or product loss. Some issues can even be diagnosed and repaired remotely.

This blog is a summary of the article The Evolution of Predictive Protection from our recent edition of E360 Outlook. Click here to learn more about our Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit.

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