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Refrigerant Leak Detection: Four Areas for Retailers to Consider

Do you have a refrigerant leak detection program in place? I recently wrote an article featured in Convenience Store Decisions addressing best practices for retailers on this topic.

LeakCheck-02Effective refrigerant leak detection strategies can help retailers with savings not only at the individual store level, but across an entire enterprise. Refrigerant leaks are caused by a number of factors and can occur in any system. Facilities using commercial HVACR equipment that implement refrigerant best management practices will ultimately reduce their consumption of refrigerant, affecting their bottom line and sustainability efforts.

Here are four areas that retailers should focus on for effective leak detection programs:

  1. Establish a zero-tolerance policy for refrigerant leaks: Convenience store leaders should clearly communicate the importance of detecting and minimizing leaks throughout all levels of their organization. We also recommend developing a refrigerant management plan, including a mission statement that does not tolerate leaks.
  2. Utilize automatic detection to track leaks: Install Automatic Leak Detection (ALD) equipment, which is critical to detecting leaks, issuing notifications, and continuous monitoring and reporting. Leak detection alarms can be integrated into a facility management system, and remote monitoring can assist with management of leak notifications as well as preventive measures.
  3. Analyze data to identify trends and implement actions: Through utilization of leak detection technologies, retailers can begin to use that data to correlate the leaks with specific equipment or sites that are causing the problems, and then apply focused efforts to improve those issues. Monitoring and analyzing the system data to identify potential leaks early on will help prevent these costly minor leaks.
  4. Institute proper maintenance procedures: Performing regular preventive maintenance on refrigeration systems will ultimately save retailers more. It’s important to have proper maintenance procedures in place to minimize leak rates.

You can read the full Convenience Store Decisions article online here.

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 John Wallace
Director of Innovation, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

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