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Site Supervisor delivers small-format consistency and predictability

Today’s convenience store chains and small-format retailers find themselves in a rapidly changing landscape. As consumer preference for freshly prepared food offerings continues to spill over into their space, small-format retailers are adapting their business models to become more like foodservice providers.


Making this transition without sacrificing their commitment to convenience is no small challenge. It means not only ensuring proper food refrigeration and preparation protocols, but also creating and maintaining an inviting in-store experience for patrons. It means keeping close watch over every store system and piece of equipment impacting that experience — from refrigeration and lighting to heating and cooling.

Enter Site Supervisor, a flexible facility control platform that allows retailers to quickly and economically enable monitoring, optimization and control over key store systems. As part of Emerson Climate Technologies’ ecoSYS family, Site Supervisor manages refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and other critical equipment and systems while collecting data on important performance indicators, including:

  • Refrigerated case temperatures
  • Energy usage
  • HVAC discharge and space temperatures

While this data enables store managers to quickly respond to issues that may impact the customer experience and food safety, detailed reports can also be accessed through ProAct™ Services to evaluate trends and gain deep insights into operations.

Site Supervisor gives store managers and service technicians visibility to systems and equipment through an intuitive interface that displays site controllers in one place. A responsive design allows this information to seamlessly scale with the size of the viewing device, whether that’s the Site Supervisor’s rugged display or a web-enabled mobile device.

To enable enterprise-level visibility, site management and advanced support services, the ecoSYS platform offers optional extended capabilities. Site Supervisor can be configured to tap the expertise of Emerson’s ProAct services to support profitable, efficient operations and quickly diagnose system issues before they impact the customer experience.

Site Supervisor can also be connected to Emerson’s Site Manager software to help retailers achieve consistency across their entire network of stores — even push out specific operational settings from a central location to ensure uniformity. This not only relieves store associates of routine system setting and maintenance tasks, it also helps streamline service activities by providing a common operational footprint. Site Manager can be hosted on the Emerson cloud or locally at an enterprise level for those who prefer a locally managed solution.

Site Supervisor is even backwards compatible with Emerson’s E2 facility management system.

While the initial release of Site Supervisor is designed for convenience stores, restaurants and small-format retail operations, upcoming releases will support supermarkets and all types of retail installations, including the capability to integrate with existing control systems. This robust new platform is designed to address many of today’s — and tomorrow’s — most pressing concerns in foodservice and food retail.

This blog originally appeared in our recent edition of E360 Outlook. Click here to read the issue in its entirety.

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