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Emerging Trends in Data and Reporting for Retailers [Video]

Smart appliances, systems and buildings deliver vast amounts of data, but often, it is difficult to extract the most useful information. In a recent E360 Conference presentation, I shared insights around emerging trends in data and reporting for food retailers to improve operational efficiencies.

You can watch the video and read the highlights below.

Food retailers collect data from varying sources including building management systems, energy management applications, maintenance management systems and other sources. All of these systems have traditionally had their own reporting, making it challenging for users to access, aggregate and utilize this data for actionable insights.

One way to make sense of all of this data is to distill it appropriately based on job function. Report and user-interface needs are based on the user’s role in the organization (store manager, technician, facility manager), the user’s particular informational needs (facility maintenance, energy manager, executive summary) and whether or not they need real-time data or trending and analysis data.

There are several factors that allow retailers to gain operational intelligence:

  • Immediacy. Having easy access to real-time information and the insightful analytics behind that data without the need to go out and search for it.
  • Role-based UI. After logging in, the system recognizes what type of information each user is looking for and provides that automatically.
  • Advanced analytics. Condition-based maintenance and refrigerant leak detection are aggregated with the core facility systems data to provide better insights into operations.
  • Energy. Evaluate energy data and relate it with other relevant data, such as maintenance records and alarms, to understand how energy usage is impacted by other factors.
  • Dashboards. Aggregate all of the data from multiple sources and display the insights to the user in the most useful way for each individual.

Understanding how to make sense of all of the vast amounts of facility data available to retailers can result in increased customer satisfaction and employee engagement, as well as operational improvements.

For more than 20 years, Emerson Retail Solutions has been helping businesses like yours safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results. To learn more about our technology solutions and services for retailers, visit our website.

Scott Fritz
Director of Enterprise Services
Retail Solutions
Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

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