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Facility Controls Help Food Retailers Remain Competitive

ronchapek_2 Ron Chapek | Senior Product Manager, Retail Solutions

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

I recently wrote an article featured in HVACR Business Magazine that discussed how HVACR contractors could be a valuable partner to their clients. Highlights from the article are below.


The food retail industry is constantly evolving. Retailers are faced with shifting consumer demands, intense competition, razor-thin profit margins and changes to store formats.  Many retailers are seeking flexible infrastructures to meet these needs without sacrificing sales or increasing costs.

Integrated facility controls and remote monitoring services provide the best visibility into system performance across an enterprise of stores. In addition, remote monitoring allows precise tracking of store conditions and issues alerts when equipment is not operating properly.

With a centralized facility management platform and actionable insights through monitoring services, HVACR contractors can assist retailers with attaining operational improvements through proper equipment maintenance, efficient service and actionable insights.

Here are some of the benefits you can offer to your retail partners:

Quicker more efficient installations
For contractors, implementing installations correctly the first time is the best way to secure and maintain a relationship with food retail clients. Integrating all store equipment into the existing management systems through the latest connected technology is a great solution for retailers.

Remotely update equipment
HVACR contractors have the ability to access facility systems to remotely manage settings, software and firmware updates through IoT, rather than manually onsite. Connected facility management systems can be updated remotely ensuring consistency and accuracy across an enterprise of stores.

Decrease unnecessary service calls
HVACR personnel can log into the software to view the status of various connected equipment and work to solve problems in real-time. In some cases, they can fix the issue remotely, reducing trips to the store.

Effective dispatch of experienced technicians
In the event of a service issue that requires an HVACR contractor visit, clients can be sure that knowledgeable, experienced technicians will fix their equipment issues. Because of alarms, the technicians will know the proper equipment to bring to resolve the issue and can work on multiple system issues at one time.

Food retailers with multiple sites are usually stretched pretty thin. Working with qualified HVACR partners to implement the latest integrated facility management systems will help retailers make better informed decisions for operational improvement.

Read the full HVACR Business article online here.

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