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The Importance of Sustainability in Food Retailing

deanlandeche Dean Landeche | Vice President of Marketing, Retail Solutions

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

I recently contributed to an article featured in Progressive Grocer magazine that discussed how food retailers are emphasizing sustainability. Highlights from the article are below.

progressive-grocer-sustainability_facebook_1200x630Sustainability is increasingly on the priority list for food retailers. Consumers are often considering a retailer’s reputation, as well as its impact on the environment as important factors when selecting where to shop. In addition to looking at more traditional ways to reduce energy, such as the installation of LED lighting, retailers are looking to their suppliers for solutions to address energy efficiency needs and ensure food safety.

Emerson’s ProAct Services provides retailers with remote monitoring services to collect data from sensors that monitor conditions like product and case temperatures. The insights derived from the information gathered around equipment performance and facility operations can contribute to the retailer’s sustainability efforts.

The ProAct Services portfolio includes multiple modules to help retailers operate effectively and identify areas for operational improvement. With Alarm Management, Emerson monitors various factors and provides alerts when a potential system issue is detected, which can help save energy and prevent food loss. Web-based reports are generated automatically so that retailers receive valuable insights to help them make informed operational decisions. Energy Monitoring and Targeting uses meter-level data to model energy performance across an enterprise of stores. Setpoint Management helps retailers to sustain energy savings in the long term while ensuring that operational issues are actually fixed rather than masked. And Emerson’s Demand Response Service enables retailers to earn financial incentives, conserve energy, minimize power interruptions, increase energy reliability and protect the environment by reducing power usage at times when demand on the electric power grid is high.

Read the full Progressive Grocer article online here.

For more than 20 years, Emerson has been helping businesses like yours safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results. To learn more about our technology solutions and services for retailers, visit our website.

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