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Grocer’s New CO2 Refrigeration System Earns EPA GreenChill award

 AndrePatenaude_Blog_Image Andre Patenaude | Director, CO2 Business Development

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

This blog summarizes a success story in our most recent E360 Outlook, entitled Natural Born Chillers.” Click here to read it in its entirety.

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Natural refrigerant adoption is on the rise in the U.S., and forward-thinking supermarket retailers are leading the charge. Driven by corporate sustainability objectives and the desire to achieve EPA and DOE regulatory compliance, some operators are turning to eco-friendly options like CO2 to reduce their carbon footprint. Such is the case with New Seasons Market, a northwestern U.S. grocer that was recently awarded the EPA’s GreenChill Platinum Certification in its newest store for installing a transcritical CO2 booster system.

In many ways, sustainability is in New Seasons’ DNA. They partner with local farmers, ranchers and producers to offer the best of the region, and sell homegrown, organic favorites along with traditional grocery store staples. With 20 locations in the states of Washington, Oregon and California, the chain’s recently launched 37,000-square-foot store in Mercer Island, Wash., was the first to earn this distinction from the EPA.

New Seasons partnered with its engineering firm to develop a natural refrigeration system that would meet the sustainability objectives for the new location. The system, which is based on the Hussmann Purity platform, features Emerson’s compression and system controls technology, including:

  • Transcritical CO2 rack — consists of six compressors — three of which are low-temperature Copeland Scroll Digital™ CO2 compressors — with digital capacity modulation to provide energy-efficient refrigeration for the entire store. The system is charged with 1,100 pounds of CO2 (R-744).
  • Roof-mounted gas cooler — a gas cooler utilizes energy-efficient, low-velocity, variable-frequency drive (VFD) fans to reduce overall energy usage.
  • Controls — An E2 RX refrigeration controller manages the system in conjunction with Emerson case controls in the store fixtures. These tools enable the ease of system setup while ensuring ongoing performance optimization, maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the store, minimizing product shrink and preserving food quality.

The EPA GreenChill Platinum Certification recognizes New Seasons’ efforts in revamping the store’s refrigeration system — an HFC system installed by the previous retailer at this location — to a CO2 architecture that reduced refrigerant emissions by at least 95 percent.

The success of the Mercer Island store has opened the door for additional CO2 systems. Their leadership is currently planning the construction of two new stores in 2018 that will also rely on transcritical CO2 booster system architectures.

This blog summarizes a success story in our most recent E360 Outlook, entitled Natural Born Chillers.” Click here to read it in its entirety.

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