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A Carnival of Fun and Learning for Emerson’s We <3 STEM Kids Day in Hong Kong

Lieny Jang | Marketing Director, Asia-Pacific

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Continuing the legacy of Emerson’s global commitment to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, our team in Hong Kong recently hosted a We <3 STEM Kids Day for our employees and their children.


Dubbed as the STEM Carnival, kids aged 2 to 16 years old participated in an exciting series of STEM-themed games and activities together with their parents. The games included the Dash Robot Coding Challenge where kids learned how to control a robot through coding and raced against each other; the Little Bits Bubblebot Challenge where they were taught about the basics of electrical circuits; and an InSinkErator-themed mobile app game that showed the inner workings of a food waste disposer. There was also a photo booth where kids can have their picture taken dressed in their STEM-themed costumes like an engineer, a pilot, or a doctor.




STEM Days are so memorable for both Emerson employees and our kids. The kids get to see where mom and dad work and the impact they are making to societies. They are so proud and highly inspired by their parents, who are their most important role models

Through STEM Day events, we hope to continually inspire and empower the next generation of innovators by making science, technology, engineering and math more fun and accessible.

Emerson Study Compares CO2 and Hydrocarbon Energy Efficiency in Europe

The study found that those opting for integral R-290 systems could potentially achieve up to €51,000 savings per store on maintenance, energy consumption and refurbishment. The study also points to the ongoing evolution of natural refrigerant technologies and highlights the differences between CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigeration strategies.

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Add the Houston E360 Forum to Your Calendar This October

Dean Landeche_Blog Dean Landeche | Marketing Cold Chain Leader
Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

JOIN US in HOUSTON, TX, for our next free E360 Forum on Thursday, October 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency North Houston hotel.

E360 Forum blogEverything is bigger in Texas, right? We’re excited to bring our next E360 Forum to the Lone Star State. This year has seen regulatory changes, evolving technologies, emerging trends and more. At this daylong event, we want to hear how you’ve stayed in step with the pace of change. From sustainability initiatives to the rise of smart technology and data-driven decision making, we’ll explore the industry as it is today and examine where it is headed in the future.

The day will be comprised of informative keynote sessions and a panel discussion in the morning with the afternoon open for you to choose from three relevant and interactive breakout sessions. These sessions are designed to give you a chance to have your questions answered and to join in a dialogue with industry experts and your peers.

Houston’s breakout session tracks will focus on refrigeration in food retail, store operations/facility optimization and cold chain management followed by a closing group session on upgrading your existing refrigeration infrastructure.

The goal of this E360 Forum is to evaluate 2018’s trends and tackle the biggest challenges in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

What you’ll learn:

  • The latest refrigerant and regulatory updates
  • What’s on the horizon in supermarket power management
  • Trends in supermarket architectures
  • Supermarket upgrades that impact energy efficiency and cost savings
  • How to protect food throughout the cold chain
  • Air management, rooftop efficiency and energy savings strategies for air conditioning

E360 Forums are proven to be invaluable events, providing you with opportunities for one-on-one discussions with experts and peers. Immediately following the event, attendees and presenters can mingle at a networking reception from 4–5:15 p.m. We hope you’ll make plans today to add Houston’s E360 Forum to your list of can’t-miss industry events in 2018.

Simplifying Commercial Refrigeration Service

Michael Williams_Blog Michael Williams | Copeland Product Manager
Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

In a perfect world, retailers would employ an on-site service technician to continuously monitor their refrigeration system’s performance. But often this scenario just isn’t feasible. That’s why the emergence of built-in compressor electronics, like Emerson’s CoreSense™ technology, is revolutionizing the commercial refrigeration service paradigm. To learn more, watch the full video here.


Put yourself in the shoes of a refrigeration technician. Your livelihood is, essentially, based on your reputation for consistency. Just one misdiagnosis or system failure can cause operators to lose trust in even the best technician. Knowing the ins and outs of every piece of equipment is a daunting task, but one that can make or break a technician’s career.

Compressor failure is a worst-case scenario in commercial refrigeration applications. For supermarket operators, it can mean massive product losses combined with system maintenance expenses, repairs and compressor replacement. System failures can blemish the reputations of service technicians responsible for proper diagnosis and preventing system faults before they occur.

At the same time, finding skilled technicians who are trained to maintain your specific system requirements is becoming more difficult every day.

That’s why on-board compressor protection and diagnostic controls are essential to ensuring refrigeration reliability. Designed with advanced communication capabilities, CoreSense technology allows contractors and technicians to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot systems issues, either at a customer’s site or remotely via mobile device access.

In the foodservice sector, operators are shifting their business structures to provide more fresh food offerings and on-the-go meals. As a result, their refrigeration requirements are growing — and becoming more complex.

With CoreSense Diagnostics, technicians can quickly access easy-to-interpret fault codes and remove the guesswork from troubleshooting. CoreSense modules can link to store supervisors and facility management systems, enabling remote monitoring of system conditions, proactive maintenance, scheduling and precise identification of issues — even before technicians are assigned to fix them. In many cases, a technician can identify the issue at hand and identify the necessary parts and tools before they begin the service call.

The value of a skilled HVACR technician cannot be underestimated, but even the best ones will occasionally make mistakes. With CoreSense, Emerson provides technicians and operators alike with the technology that can help reduce misdiagnoses and prevent system failures.

Click and Collect Presents New Opportunities for Retailers

Ani Jayanth | Director, Product Marketing
Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Click and collect is revolutionizing the way customers purchase groceries — while keeping food retailers on their toes to establish a winning fulfillment model. To read the full article and learn how retailers can work to meet the demand, click here.

Click and Collect image

Needing to grocery shop but lacking the time and energy to do so is a common challenge. Hectic work and school schedules, more pressing errands to run and other time demands add up, leaving few opportunities to drive to a grocery store, fill up a cart, pay, load the groceries into your vehicle, drive home and, finally, unload them.

Fortunately, food retailers have devised a method to help ease the stress of time-constrained consumers seeking a quicker method of purchasing groceries. The click and collect model allows shoppers to compile and submit their grocery list online and have everything from frozen dinners to fresh produce hand-picked by store employees and delivered to the customers’ vehicles in the store parking lot. Customers who utilize the click and collect system can be home with their pantry and fridge stocked with groceries in as quickly as 30 minutes.

Today, 20 percent of Americans purchase at least some of their groceries online. That number is expected to grow to 70 percent by 2025. Click and collect shows that retailers are not ignoring that data; they’re using it in an attempt to meet changing customer expectations. Executed properly, a good click and collect experience could generate enhanced customer loyalty and spur future purchases. On the flip side of that coin, just one bad experience — for example, one bruised piece of produce or damaged frozen good — could lead to the loss of a customer and detriment to a brand name.

Another major challenge for retailers interested in implementing a click and collect option is the need for new (or improved) refrigeration and order fulfillment strategies to ensure proper temperature and humidity conditions are maintained throughout the entire process. Repeated door openings from workers going in and out of the cold storage or refrigerated locker may make it difficult to maintain food quality.

As a result, refrigeration systems must be equipped with robust capabilities to meet the following requirements:

  • Fast, effective temperature pull-downs
  • Controls to optimize system performance for peak use and energy savings
  • Demand-driven defrost schemes
  • Consistently reliable uptime
  • Energy-efficient operation methods
  • Always-on, remote monitoring capabilities to respond to potential issues
  • Diagnostics for early detection, prediction and fault prevention

Click and collect represents a tremendous growth opportunity for food retailers as consumers continue to embrace online grocery shopping. To succeed in this competitive arena, earn customer loyalty and capture market share, retailers will likely need to delight their customers with every transaction. Emerson is committed to giving retailers the tools they need to help deliver the freshest, highest-quality foods and make the most of this opportunity.

For more information, read the full article here.

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