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White Paper: Condition Based Maintenance for Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

Emerson Climate Technologies recently released a white paper titled “Condition Based Maintenance: Putting Predictive Maintenance Algorithms to Work to Optimize Asset Maintenance and Performance in Supermarket Refrigeration Systems.” In this paper, I introduce the concept of condition based maintenance (CBM), highlighting the benefits of this service for retailers, illustrating the savings in maintenance costs and energy consumption that can occur with the adoption of CBM.

Typical Equipment Failure Impact (Conventional PM or Run-to-Failure)

Typical Equipment Failure Impact (Conventional PM or Run-to-Failure)

CBM is basically what it says: performing maintenance based on the condition of the equipment being monitored, rather than on a preventative maintenance (PM) schedule or after a failure. Using CBM, retailers can expect to see typical equipment maintenance savings of 18-40 percent, compared to PM or run-to-failure strategies. The regular reporting function, combined with technical expertise to interpret it, provides actionable intelligence with significant ROI.

By utilizing run-time data analysis to optimize asset maintenance and equipment performance, CBM provides supermarket maintenance managers with a sustainable maintenance solution that offers visibility into the condition of their refrigeration systems.

Typical maintenance interventions from CBM could include:

  • Determining the source of a refrigerant slow leak and repairing it before further leakage or other system fault
  • Replacing worn compressor motor contactors  prior to a welded contactor condition and compressor failure
  • Determining the source of a compressor low or high superheat condition prior to damaging  the compressor
  • Correcting  a inconsistent phase-phase voltage in the compressor, protecting against damage from overheating

CBM also uses algorithms for refrigerant slow leak detection, enabling early detection and potential resolution, which can save refrigerant, equipment, product and overtime labor.

Emerson offers condition based maintenance as part of its ProAct™ Services portfolio, offering new value to retailers in the areas of maintenance and energy management, and in compliance for refrigerant management and food quality.

You can read the full white paper on condition based maintenance here.

For more information on condition based maintenance, you can also read previous Climate Conversations blog posts, including an introduction to CBM and an overview of my 2013 Technology in Action Conference (TAC) presentation.

What maintenance strategies do you use? Does condition based maintenance offer a solution to your maintenance concerns?

James Mitchell
Product Manager, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

Technology in Action: Advanced Condition Based Maintenance

This is the third in a series of posts on key presentations from Emerson’s 2013 Technology in Action Conference.

What is condition based maintenance? In a 2013 Technology in Action Conference (TAC) session, Jim Mitchell, Retail Solutions product manager, discusses this Emerson service, which is similar to predictive maintenance and consists of performing maintenance based on the condition of equipment.

Service Engine Soon_TAC Post 3

One of our earlier posts discusses the basics of condition based maintenance, including the questions it can answer for your retail business. Jim gave TAC attendees an overview of this service, in which he often describes as similar to the diagnostics systems in cars today, which alert us when it is time for an oil change or to replace an air filter.

Emerson conducted field testing on its condition based maintenance service and Jim shared some of the results with TAC attendees. We found that with our slow leak algorithm, we were able to detect about 50 percent of preventable leaks.

To learn more about condition based maintenance, see Jim in this video about his session and view his full presentation on the TAC website.

What are your biggest maintenance concerns?

Reggie O’Donoghue
Director of Marketing, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

Don’t Let Your Retail Business Get a Flat Tire

Does your car tell you when it’s time for an oil change or if tire pressure is low? Armed with this information, you don’t wait for a major auto “failure” before you act—you use condition based maintenance.

It’s the same for your retail business. Wouldn’t you rather do maintenance based on equipment condition before it deteriorates to the point where it may fail if not serviced?

Condition Based Maintenance can answer questions like
•    Which of my refrigeration systems are operating improperly or inefficiently?
•    Which of my refrigeration systems are leaking refrigerant?
•    How can I implement a better preventative maintenance scheme or optimize maintenance dispatches?
•    Where should I focus my maintenance budget?

The best news about Condition Based Maintenance is that many retailers already have most of the equipment needed installed already. Products like Emerson E2 controllers, Copeland Scroll™ compressors with CoreSense Diagnostics™, temperature and pressure sensors are increasingly being installed as standard equipment in many retail operations today.

Connecting our Condition Based Maintenance software and service architecture is the final step many retailers need to take to ensure they are safely driving their business.

For more information about Condition Based Maintenance, view my presentation from Emerson’s Technology in Action Conference.

Jim Mitchell
Product Manager, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies

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