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Understanding Compressor Electronics

The age of the “smart revolution” is upon us. From mobile phones to appliances, systems and equipment, and even forklifts—the key is that they are all embedded with “smart electronics.” In fact, an IT and advisory company is predicting that wearable smart electronics will be a $10B industry by 2016.

We are no stranger to these smart tools and equipment with electronics and sensors that can diagnose themselves. In our kitchen alone, there are several appliances that utilize these technologies. From the microwave to the refrigerator to the coffeemaker—we know just by the beep or the red light if they are working or not.

Intelligent technologies and products run the show and the HVACR industry is no exception. Products across markets and industries are becoming smarter. Smart gadgets and equipment embedded with electronics that transmit or store usage and operational data abound. With one click you can access your entire consumption history in a flash.

In the HVACR industry embedded electronics, sensors and diagnostic technology have been integrated to commercial and residential furnaces that monitor their own operational performance. In commercial refrigeration, electronic supervisory controllers manage systems to optimize performance while preserving food quality.

Now, as technology and diagnostic capabilities evolve, electronics are being introduced in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This electronic and diagnostic technology is being integrated into the heart of these systems—the compressor. The last few years have seen an increase in the technology available that enabled us to manage and analyze usage and operational data to make smarter electronics that can improve performance, increase reliability, and cut cost. All of these address customer pain points such as: high maintenance cost, system downtimes and service call backs.

The eBook “Understanding Compressor Electronics” takes an in-depth look at the dynamics of compressor electronicsand how this technology is helping enhance system performance and reliability. The eBook series, with four chapters, provides a general overview on electronics in the HVACR industry, explains why compressor electronics are needed, covers how they work, and discusses the key benefits they deliver.

The eBook is designed to help educate contractors and end-users on the value of compressor electronics and its impact on their business.  It is important that HVACR contractors and professionals understand how compressor electronics work and how they can be employed to provide better system performance, increased profitability and more satisfied customers.

Download the eBook “Understanding Compressor Electronics.”

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