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Retail and Foodservice 2025: The Future for Customers, Operators and Facilities

Ed_McKiernan Ed McKiernan | President, Emerson Retail Solutions

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Food retail and food service environments are quickly evolving. As retail stores and restaurants adapt to changing infrastructure and facility requirements, it is important that operators understand where the market is heading and the impact these changes will have on their operations.

To help operators prepare for the future, Emerson commissioned global research firm Euromonitor International to identify trends that will shape the grocery retail and chained foodservice markets through 2025, and determine what impact these developments will have on retail store and restaurant design and infrastructure.

Euromonitor International is the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research. With more than 40 years experience, the firm has offices around the world, analysts in over 100 countries and market research on every key trend and driver.

The research firm identified five megatrends that will have the strongest impact on retail and restaurant operations and facilities management over the next eight years:

  1. Digital Shoppers
  2. Focus on Convenience
  3. New Retail Formats
  4. Experiential Retail
  5. Omni-Channel Proficiency

These trends were shared at the Emerson E360 Annual Conference and on a global webcast. Over the next few posts, we will also take a closer look at each one of these trends, beginning with the first one.

Trend: Digital Shoppers

Consumers are becoming more connected, and expecting a connected experience when they interact with brands or purchase products. Currently, 3 in 4 U.S. households own a smartphone, and 47 percent of digital purchases in the United States are made through mobile devices. As the wireless infrastructure strengthens, the Internet becomes omnipresent and the prices of devices come down, these numbers will continue to grow.

We are already seeing a shift with many retailers moving toward mobile engagement with consumers within the store to create a better shopping experience and a stronger customer relationship. Also, more retailers in the U.S. are offering mobile order and pay capabilities to simplify transactions. Some retailers are even going beyond mobile and offering conversational commerce, where for instance, a virtual personal assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa can deliver your item within a short period of time.

So, what should retail and foodservice organizations do in terms of facility management and operations to stay ahead of this trend and customer expectations?

  • Facilities – Overhaul store layout (parking, checkout, dining area, etc.) to drive traffic and attract new trip types and consumers.
  • Supply Chain – Align online and physical inventory and offer real-time tracking of sources and orders to encourage repeat consideration and engage and inform customers.
  • e-Commerce – Implement digital order and payment platforms and offer a personalized, seamless experience to lower costs, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Human Resources – Make sure you have the training that focuses on the right skillsets and staff appropriately based on the different service models to improve customer experience and create stronger brand loyalty.
  • Customer Experience – Train customers for new protocols and offer a streamlined experience to minimize disruptions and serve more customers, faster.

Be sure to join us for our next post, which will take a look at the second megatrend: Focus on Convenience.

Highlights from the 2016 FMI Energy & Store Development Conference

A recent Grocery Headquarters article shares a preview of the 2016 FMI Energy and Store Development Conference. A brief recap of the article is below.

With increasing competition for food retailers, store maintenance and merchandising of products is becoming more important. The 2016 FMI Energy & Store Development Conference features the latest trends in merchandising, refrigeration, store design, energy conservation and other key areas. Emerson Climate Technologies is a sponsor of this year’s event, where we are highlighting new products and services, as well as hosting the store and facility tours for attendees.

At our Emerson Climate Technologies table, we will discuss the wireless sensor system, which allows retailers to quickly and easily monitor individual case and simulated product temperatures. Compatible with the E2 facility management system and Site Supervisor, the wireless sensor system can help retailers reduce operating costs, easily accommodate store layout changes and provide secure facility data transmission.wirelesssensorWith 2015 EPA compliance standards and DOE regulations continuing to impact the commercial refrigeration industry, we will also engage conference attendees in discussion about energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives, including recently approved low-GWP blends and increasing natural refrigerant options. These alternatives are now available in the expanded Copeland Scroll discus and CO2 compressors.

Conference attendees can also learn more about our new three-month trial program of the cellular-connectivity ProAct™ Services, the leading enterprise management service for supermarkets, convenience stores, retail, commercial buildings and foodservice. With ProAct Services, retailers gain around-the-clock visibility and valuable insights into their facility systems without the need for connectivity to a company network, no significant IT support required and no risk of access to critical POS data through the monitoring system.

If you’re attending the FMI Energy and Store Development Conference, please stop by to see us!

You can read the full Grocery Headquarters article online here.

For more than 20 years, Emerson Retail Solutions has been helping businesses like yours safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results. To learn more about our technology solutions and services for retailers, visit our website.

Ed McKiernan
President, Retail Solutions
Emerson Climate Technologies


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