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Are You Up for the Challenge?

We have discussed Emerson Climate Technologies’ transition from mechanical pressure switches for system control and protection in refrigeration equipment to electronic controllers onto Copeland™ condensing units with its Electronic Unit Controller in recent blog posts. This advanced device replaces all mechanical pressure controls, simplifying set-up and provides better performance with reduced call-backs.

Condensing Unit with Electronic Unit Controller

Condensing Unit with Electronic Unit Controller

In an effort to generate awareness, increase comfort, and educate HVACR professionals, Emerson has developed a platform to support the transition called the “One Minute Challenge.” This campaign was designed to help contractors overcome the “black box” syndrome of using new technology and to create awareness that this game-changing piece of technology simplifies commercial refrigeration system operation while increasing system accuracy, protection, and capabilities. The One Minute Challenge is an online simulator that shows users how they can now complete a standard, 25-minute job in 1 minute.

Here’s how it works:

  • The online simulator allows the user to set-up the electronic unit controller as if they were on the actual jobsite. It times how long it takes each user to complete, and it establishes a leader board showing the top 20 contractors and wholesalers. The tool can be used on iPads and other tablets, as well as a computer.

The top five leading wholesalers and contractors include:


  1. John Tillack, Poleward Refrigeration – 7.90 seconds
  2. Bob Smith, Bob’s A/C – 9.54 seconds
  3. John Jones, Jones HVAC – 13.92 seconds
  4. Lee Page, Equipment Service Company – 14.03 seconds
  5. AJ Milbes, Rio Ranch Market – 15.17 seconds

7.90 seconds is the top time to beat in the One Minute Challenge! Do you think you have what it takes to dominate the top? See for yourself just how easy the Electronic Unit Controller is.

Take the one-minute challenge.

HVACR Professionals Weigh-In on Electronic Technology

Last week’s post, “Electronics Get the Job Done,” discussed how the HVACR industry is experiencing a shift from mechanical to electronic technologies, and specifically cited the transition from mechanical pressure switches for refrigeration system controls to electronic controls. While these types of changes directly impact technicians in the field, they are not the only ones noticing how advanced technologies, such as Emerson Climate Technologies’ Electronic Unit Controller, are helping them in the field. Contractors and wholesalers, too, are benefiting from the technology.

The June issue of Contracting Business explored how the transformation is affecting the industry, using testimony from HVACR professionals provided by Emerson Climate Technologies. Below, several individuals share their experiences:

  • John Semeyn, owner, Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co.

    John Semeyn

    John Semeyn, owner, Midwest Refrigeration Supply Co., explains the importance of wholesalers preparing their counter staff to assist contractors through the transition. “Emerson’s support during the transition from mechanical pressure controls on its condensing units to electronic pressure controls (their electronic unit controller) has played a critical role in training our people. They provide training videos on their web portal and social media outlets such as YouTube. We also offer instructor-led training opportunities for contractors for this and other new technologies, which helps ensure a smooth transition,” said Semeyn.

  • Joe Gallego

    Joe Gallego

    Joe Gallego, special projects manager, Bay State Cooling,
    shared how electronic controllers for refrigeration have changed the way contractors do business. “Productivity and profitability are closely tied in this field, so we make sure our installing technicians are properly trained. We offer in-house training on electronic controllers through a combination of factory training materials and simulated real-world, hands-on training,” said Gallego.

  • Steve Wright, president of Wright Brothers Inc.

    Steve Wright

    Steve Wright, president of Wright Brothers Inc., explained how generations share how they help technicians overcome the challenges associated with the technology change. “We depend heavily on external organizations such as the local RSES chapter, ACCA, and ASHRAE to support education and training initiatives. We also rely on manufacturers such as Emerson to conduct product-specific training for our team. It’s imperative that technicians are exposed to such resources and organizations to continue gaining knowledge and comfort with the changing landscape,” said Wright.

  • Walt Patton, senior vice president, ABCO

    Walt Patton

    Walt Patton, senior vice president, ABCO, shared how electronics have created excitement within the industry. “The shift also creates new growth opportunities for contractors to become familiar and comfortable with using more electronics moving forward. Despite the challenges sometimes linked to electronics, this overdue shift in technology within the HVACR industry has created a new level of excitement and energy around the way HVACR professionals approach their work and get the job done,” said Patton.

To read the full article in Contracting Business, click here:

Electronics Help Get the Job Done

The HVACR industry continues to see advancements in electronic technologies and these advancements are quickly changing the game for contractors in the field. For example, when Emerson began transitioning from mechanical to electronic controls in refrigeration equipment in 2012 by replacing mechanical controls on Copeland™ condensing units with its Electronic Unit Controller, contractors and technicians quickly experienced the impact.

Today, Emerson has more than 60,000 Electronic Unit Controllers installed nationwide on its new Copeland Scroll™ FFAP condensing unit and its currently offered Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor condensing unit (XJ Series), and it is easy to understand how everyone in the service channel benefits from this simple switch. The technology is designed to enhance productivity without sacrificing accuracy. Contrary to the traditional, 25-minute set-up time required for mechanical control switches, the Electronic Unit Controller requires only one minute or less. Wholesalers also see firsthand the impact the transition has made. For years, equipment and service problems were associated with increased cost and time. Today, electronic technologies, like the Electronic Unit Controller, eliminate common equipment problems and reduce callbacks, making it possible to provide unprecedented levels of customer service and support.

Adjusting Low Pressure ControlThe graphic shows the simple, five-step process for adjusting low-pressure controls using an Electronic Unit Controller compared to the traditional set-up using a mechanical control. A tutorial for installing the Electronic Unit Controller can also be found here:

Stay tuned for a new post next week, where contractors and wholesalers weigh-in on electronic technology advancements.

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