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Monitoring Compressor Health

The U.S. shale basin production growth has raised the demand for new infrastructure investments for gas processing capacity.  As more natural gas processing plants come online over the next few years, they must be flexible enough to deal with changing demands and richer gas streams.

Gas Processing PlantThese new gas processing plants must not only be flexible, but also efficient.  Machinery health is monitored to prevent costly unplanned downtime or failures.  But newer plant control systems also enable compressors to precisely match required process conditions and run much more efficiently.  Both of these factors point to screw compressor technology.

Most natural gas produced from wells contains water and various other hydrocarbons which need to be removed from the gas stream by processing plants before being injected into transportation natural gas pipelines. Such is the case with most shale gas produced today, which contains heavier gas constituents. These high BTU liquids often have greater value as a separate value stream in liquid form, rather than as part of the natural gas being sold.

Midstream Business magazine recently interviewed Emerson Climate Technologies to discuss the new types of rotating equipment technology for gas compression and process refrigeration applications.  To learn about trends in wireless plant technology, plant-wide distributed control systems, and packaged refrigeration systems for midstream gas processing plants, read the entire article.

Mark McCormick
Director Gas Compression
Emerson Climate Technologies

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