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STEM Day Brings Emerson’s Yearlong Efforts Into Focus

Ken Monnier | Chief Technology Officer,

Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solution’s Business

November 8 is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEM/STEAM) Day — a time when the nation pauses to recognize the importance of these disciplines within our educational curricula. At Emerson, we are committed to supporting STEM initiatives year-round, and STEM Day allows us to reflect on the year’s activities and plan for what’s to come. In a historically male-dominated industry, it’s particularly important for Emerson to celebrate the contributions of women in our organization and create an environment where they can thrive and succeed. Let’s look at some of the ways we’re leveraging STEM initiatives to help create the next generation of engineers and support the increased inclusion of women within our industry.

Women in STEM (WiS) program charter and achievements

Emerson created its global WiS program to attract, develop and retain the top women candidates in STEM-related roles, enhance the diversity of ideas and approaches for the benefit of our customers, and fully deliver on our “Consider It Solved” promise. The program supports generations of women in all stages of their careers, from schoolchildren who are just beginning to think of their futures to professionals and senior executives who are navigating their career paths.

Based on some of the metrics gathered, we are well on our way to achieving the goals of this charter.

  • Membership increased to more than 5,000 global members
  • STEM-related webinar event attendance increased by 60%
  • Local chapter (Sidney, Ohio) membership increased by 10%
  • Launched a new global WiS SharePoint site
  • Ranked as #12 on Women Engineer Magazine’s list of top companies to work for
  • Awarded Gold, Best Practice Outreach and Best Practice Professional Partnerships by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

These achievements are indicative of the three guiding principles of our WiS program:

  1. Attract and inspire young girls to pursue STEM subjects and careers while recruiting top STEM female candidates to work at Emerson
  2. Provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and elevate the visibility for women in STEM-related roles
  3. Create an inclusive, connected community where women in STEM feel supported and have a sense of belonging throughout Emerson; provide a platform to highlight women in STEM as role models across Emerson

Emerson’s WiS program enables us to facilitate community outreach throughout our global offices and places of business. For example, the local WiS chapter in our Sidney, Ohio, location includes more than 100 members comprised not only of Sidney branch employees, but also extending out into other local manufacturing and engineering-related companies.

Ongoing commitment to STEM education, activities and events

Even though the past two years have made it difficult to plan and host in-person, STEM-related events, Emerson has continued to develop a series of educational webinars and promotional activities focused on professional development, social networking and STEM outreach to schools and universities. These activities include:

  • Sponsoring a cardboard boat race during the Summer Olympics
  • Celebrating Pi Day with pi-inspired games and the distribution of moon pies
  • Hosting a WiS online trivia event
  • Conducting educational webinars with prominent female executives and keynote speakers

Collectively, these achievements, educational events and promotional activities represent our ongoing commitment to furthering STEM careers and related disciplines — within Emerson and the global workforce. Emerson’s ongoing WiS efforts are having a direct impact on our business, transforming our culture and infusing it with fresh perspectives and insights that make us a more well-rounded and successful organization.


Launch of Enhanced Copeland™ Online Product Information (OPI) Tool and Copeland™ Mobile App

Ken Monnier | Chief Technology Officer,

Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Solution’s Business

Emerson is pleased to announce the addition of new functionalities and user interface improvements to its Copeland online product information (OPI) tool and Copeland Mobile app. The Copeland OPI tool has long served as a valuable resource for researching Copeland compressors and condensing units and cross-referencing them with other original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and competitive products, as well as replacement Copeland brand products. The Copeland Mobile app, which provides on-the-go access to the OPI database for Copeland product specifications, places more than 30 years of product information at users’ fingertips. With these new upgrades,  users will enjoy significant usability improvements, additional connections to a variety of resources within the Emerson website, and a more seamless experience across Emerson’s tools and resources.

The primary objective of the OPI tool upgrade was to provide a much-improved user interface (UI), regardless of how — or with which device — users choose to access it. The first thing visitors will notice is that the OPI tool now has a user interface that resembles the overall look and feel of the Emerson website. This provides a consistent experience for users who frequently utilize both the Emerson website and the OPI tool. In addition, the user interface of the Copeland Mobile app has also been redesigned to provide a consistent user experience across these valuable resources.

Like the Emerson website, the improved OPI tool also features a responsive design that adapts for optimal viewing and interaction on a mobile device — making it as easy to use on a smartphone as on a traditional web browser. As a result, users will find a navigational structure that supports ease of use and quick access to the OPI tool’s most critical features, such as: product search; cross-referencing; information resources (publications, links and bulletins); where to buy; and software downloads.

This significant upgrade to the OPI tool enables further connectivity with other utilities and contractor resources within the Emerson website, including:

  • Access to the knowledge center, a one-stop shop for technical HVACR questions and answers
  • Use of custom HVACR calculators to help analyze system performance and suggest energy efficiency improvements
  • Expanded access to product information libraries

In addition to connecting contractors to the extensive OPI tool database, the feature-rich Copeland Mobile app helps contractors to perform these key functions in the field:

  • View product specifications and resources including application engineering manuals, catalogs, and guides
  • Cross-reference Copeland products
  • Quickly troubleshoot and diagnose Copeland compressors
  • Check the availability of local product replacements
  • Locate a Copeland technical specialist
  • Track open projects with jobsite commissioning

Both of these enhanced tools also include a live chat feature, which provides an additional source for answering questions. Now users can either contact Emerson’s customer and technical support line for assistance or connect with an agent via live chat for immediate technical support — 24 hours a day, five days a week.

To view the new Copeland OPI tool and take advantage of this upgrade, please visit Download the Copeland Mobile app in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play App Store.

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