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Remote Monitoring Services Can Help Prevent Food Safety and Loss Issues

ronchapek_2 Ron Chapek | Director of Product Management, ProAct Enterprise Software Services

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

Today’s food retail customers are more discriminating than ever, demanding fresh, high-quality foods. One of the ways to provide customers with consistent food quality is for retailers to maintain their refrigeration systems. This can avoid costly equipment failure that could compromise food quality and affect the shopping experience. Preventing food loss and protecting customers from foodborne illnesses are also critical concerns for retail store operators. Remote monitoring services can help address those issues.

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What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring services provide real-time performance data on critical store equipment, including insights around energy expenditure, equipment operating condition and health, facility maintenance needs, refrigerant leaks and shrink causes.

Food quality reporting through remote monitoring can automate the process of recording product and case temperatures. This reduces human error and increases efficiency while helping to improve food safety and customer satisfaction.

Monitoring Outside the Store

With remote monitoring, retailers can also control and monitor their facility systems across multiple sites and their entire enterprise, giving them the ability to better safeguard food and maintain efficiency throughout their entire chain. Effective monitoring and maintenance help enable end users to offer fresh foods. Equipment diagnostics not only help ensure that these fresh foods are safe, but also can provide insight to enhance the product presentation in order to increase sales and abide by strict regulations.

Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), an important new regulation, will require stakeholders to implement and document a program ensuring safe transport of food within the U.S. This act is designed to protect consumers and assure food quality and safety from farm-to-fork. Grocers will need to work collaboratively with their food suppliers and transportation carriers to ensure that all suppliers are aware of what’s needed for food safety and compliance.

For more information on remote monitoring, FSMA and a customer case study, read the Food Safety Magazine Article here.


Facility Controls Help Food Retailers Remain Competitive

ronchapek_2 Ron Chapek | Senior Product Manager, Retail Solutions

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

I recently wrote an article featured in HVACR Business Magazine that discussed how HVACR contractors could be a valuable partner to their clients. Highlights from the article are below.


The food retail industry is constantly evolving. Retailers are faced with shifting consumer demands, intense competition, razor-thin profit margins and changes to store formats.  Many retailers are seeking flexible infrastructures to meet these needs without sacrificing sales or increasing costs.

Integrated facility controls and remote monitoring services provide the best visibility into system performance across an enterprise of stores. In addition, remote monitoring allows precise tracking of store conditions and issues alerts when equipment is not operating properly.

With a centralized facility management platform and actionable insights through monitoring services, HVACR contractors can assist retailers with attaining operational improvements through proper equipment maintenance, efficient service and actionable insights.

Here are some of the benefits you can offer to your retail partners:

Quicker more efficient installations
For contractors, implementing installations correctly the first time is the best way to secure and maintain a relationship with food retail clients. Integrating all store equipment into the existing management systems through the latest connected technology is a great solution for retailers.

Remotely update equipment
HVACR contractors have the ability to access facility systems to remotely manage settings, software and firmware updates through IoT, rather than manually onsite. Connected facility management systems can be updated remotely ensuring consistency and accuracy across an enterprise of stores.

Decrease unnecessary service calls
HVACR personnel can log into the software to view the status of various connected equipment and work to solve problems in real-time. In some cases, they can fix the issue remotely, reducing trips to the store.

Effective dispatch of experienced technicians
In the event of a service issue that requires an HVACR contractor visit, clients can be sure that knowledgeable, experienced technicians will fix their equipment issues. Because of alarms, the technicians will know the proper equipment to bring to resolve the issue and can work on multiple system issues at one time.

Food retailers with multiple sites are usually stretched pretty thin. Working with qualified HVACR partners to implement the latest integrated facility management systems will help retailers make better informed decisions for operational improvement.

Read the full HVACR Business article online here.

For more than 20 years, Emerson has been helping businesses like yours safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results. To learn more about our technology solutions and services for retailers, visit our website.

How BMS, EMS, IoT and Insight are Changing Retail Operations [Video]

ronchapek_2 Ron Chapek | Senior Product Manager, Retail Solutions

Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions

The prevalence of BMS, EMS, Internet of Things (IoT) and insight have ushered in a new era of efficiency in retailer operations. In an E360 Conference presentation, I discussed how the insights that these tools provide allow retailers to do their jobs better, thereby helping to save both time and money.

A brief recap and video of the session are included below.


Facilities managers need to be able to effectively convert rapidly expanding and disparate data sources into visually insightful and actionable interfaces that are relevant to a diverse range of users across multiple departments.

In the past, the data wasn’t delivered as quickly and was often historic. A good example is a utility bill that shows past usage, making it difficult to interpret and utilize that data effectively. In contrast, intelligent applications – energy management systems, building management systems and IoT-enabled devices – provide a wide variety of data that is more easily applied. Rather than making decisions on historical data, retailers can use this data for valuable, actionable insights to improver their operations enterprise-wide.

But, the problem is often that when there is so much data available, making it all work for you, in your particular role, can be daunting.

Through Emerson’s Site Manager Software and ProActTM Services retailers can better manage growing data volumes and convert this data into something of value to your business including:

  • Transparent access to data: with context. Retailers have access to a large number of standard reports, available on-demand or on a scheduled basis via email. For example, with a monthly Alarm summary, you can quickly see which locations have the most alarms and focus attention on these stores.
  • Attribute-based visualization. Data can be displayed by region, store type, and other relevant location-based attributes, allowing retailers to do their job faster and correctly the first time around. For example, a service truck can be sent to the right location with exactly the equipment that is needed to make any repairs.
  • Embedded energy and refrigeration domain expertise (IP). Many companies have the ability to manage, move and display data, but what retailers need is a trusted partner that knows and understands their business on a deep level, and understands how to best solve any problems that arise.

The pressure on facilities managers to organize and make sense of all of the facility data that is available is enormous. Think of the kinds of data you need to do your job well. We can help you design the right type of analytics to automate that data and make your job easier.

For the full presentation, visit this link.

For more than 20 years, Emerson Retail Solutions has been helping businesses like yours safeguard food, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment and optimize business results. To learn more about our technology solutions and services for retailers, visit our website.

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